Why is my jollof rice burnt/soggy?

Are you surprised that I'm writing about burnt and soggy jollof rice?  Jollof rice that is never good enough no matter how much effort you put into itπŸ˜‚, don't be. I'm not a chef per say but I make really good meals if I do say so myself πŸ˜‚. Often times people talk about how making some dishes turns out a total fail,things like pap,custard,semo,and the rest but no one ever talks about how their jollof rice never tastes as nice as the ones served at parties,or how it's never red enough or just doesn't hit hard like jollof rice should. This was also a major issue for me but I learnt a few tricks and I'm glad I can share with you guys.

You see that jollof riceπŸ˜‚,if just the sight of it intimidates your own jollof rice,then these tricks are just for you;

1:For your tomato paste: in addition to the fresh tomatoes and normal peppers,also add chili peppers (tatashe). Asides giving your jollof a spicy taste ,it also adds to giving it a deeper red color.

2:Rice:use long grains, personally ,I prefer using basmati rice . This is because long grains absorb ingredients better and when your jollof is ready ,it won't be sticky but all the grains will stand individually.

3: parboil your rice till it's almost soft. This is the best way so that after mixing it with your tomato mix you won't have to keep adding excess water so it gets soft. Adding water occasionally to make it cook well would mean adding extra seasoning and that would alter the taste .Remember ,jollof rice should not be too soft.

4:Add curry to your spices:for extra flavour and a deeper color .

5:bay leaves:the secret ingredient everyone either knows and ignores or doesn't know at all. It will surprise you just how much flavour even half of a bay leaf can add. Trust me ,bay leaf is what you need for that spicy jollof flavor.

6:Oil:use just enough oil and not a drop extra to avoid burnt jollof rice.

7:cook your rice over medium heat so it does start to burn before it's well cooked.

8:Do not stir your jollof excessively or it will burn. I even prefer using wooden ladles to mix and not steel, and nonstick pots instead, they reduce burning.

9:if you want that smoky jollof flavor,then you should let it burn a bit,yes ,I said thatπŸ˜πŸ˜‚. Let it burn a bit so it has that smoky jollof aroma and flavour.

Please like, share and follow if you learnt something new,I would really appreciate that. Don't forget to leave a comment 😊😁. Love on this post is enough inspiration to drop my special jollof recipe.❤️


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