Just me and my God

 For most of my life, I thought that prayer had to be done in a particular manner. You know, kneeling down or standing and making really strong physical gestures as though one is in a physical battle with unseen creatures. Don't get me wrong,that is prayer of course. And because almost everyone around me prayed in that manner and I just didn't ,I didn't validate my prayers. I would think to myself , you're doing so badly ,look at others ,kabashing ,and you're doing nothing. That made me feel so far away  from God and at some point I didn't even care about my relationship with him , because in my head ,I always said ,"What's  the need ,I can't even be like  them" but God being who he is "always" finds a way to remind me that no matter how far I feel from him,his presence is "always" welcoming .  There's no reason to cancel and invalidate my prayers with my thoughts or what others think when God has already said that he he

Social anxiety, again!πŸ˜–

You're probably here cause you read my first post on social anxiety and wanted to see the rest, thank you for being here!    Like I said in my last post,I wasn't diagnosed by a medical professional and everything that I talk about here is based on my experience. Some of the things that triggered my fear of being around a lot of people are ; my bad eyesight ,not being comfortable with my body, wearing uncomfortable clothes,over protective upbringing, being around people that made me feel some type of way and made subtly insulting jokes(sometimes,these people are even friends or family members) .     It's okay to feel totally lost and wonder what's going on ,but you're not alone,at all.      Here are some things I started to do that have helped me immensely;  (1) Talk therapy: talking good to myself , complimenting myself . It sounds awkward. It sounded really awkward to me when I read about it but it has actually helped me.  (2) Making sure I'm very comfortable w

Let's talk Social anxiety please!

 Before we get into this, please note that I am not a medical practitioner . I'm only a young girl writing blog posts for who can relate , thank you.   In my last post,I mentioned talking about anxiety when I am ready,so ,here goes .       What is social anxiety? It's a (chronic) mental health condition in which social interactions cause irrational anxiety. That's what Google tells me but if someone asked me that and I had no time to look it up,I'd say , Social anxiety is feeling sick from just thinking about  or being in social gatherings.      I didn't get diagnosed in a hospital which I'm very sure is the case with a lot of young people here in Nigeria but it's quite clear that social anxiety is very easy to spot. Even people who do not know what it's called happen to know that something is actually wrong with them . Some people think it's shyness but it's not, shyness is actually very different. It's temporary while social anxiety or phob

Level up your life with these tips.

Hi guys,it's been a while I posted here but I'm here finally and I'm glad you're reading. I wouldn't exactly call it writer's block but something within that range, lol. Well,I did have an article to post ,on anxiety ,I really thought I would be comfortable posting about anxiety but turns out I'm actually not ready. I hope to share that someday though . Anyway, let's talk about today's topic!!! Leveling up!!! Yes, it's 2021 ,and everyone seems to be woke, you know , trying to get their lives together ,being happy, getting schmoneyyy and all of that but!!!??? How do you really LEVEL UP? What are the things you could do generally that one could call a level up ? I'd like to start by saying ,it's a mindset,and it all starts in your head . If you're not mentally ready or you're still doubting yourself,then you need to take care of that first girlll( or boy,lol) . A "level up" to me means an upgrade ,growth ,switch from where

Why is my jollof rice burnt/soggy?

Are you surprised that I'm writing about burnt and soggy jollof rice?  Jollof rice that is never good enough no matter how much effort you put into itπŸ˜‚, don't be. I'm not a chef per say but I make really good meals if I do say so myself πŸ˜‚. Often times people talk about how making some dishes turns out a total fail,things like pap,custard,semo,and the rest but no one ever talks about how their jollof rice never tastes as nice as the ones served at parties,or how it's never red enough or just doesn't hit hard like jollof rice should. This was also a major issue for me but I learnt a few tricks and I'm glad I can share with you guys. You see that jollof riceπŸ˜‚,if just the sight of it intimidates your own jollof rice,then these tricks are just for you; 1:For your tomato paste: in addition to the fresh tomatoes and normal peppers,also add chili peppers (tatashe). Asides giving your jollof a spicy taste ,it also adds to giving it a deeper red color. 2:Rice:use long

Does writing really make you feel better?

 Different things work for different people when they're down,angry,and all of that yeah,but writing,that is taking all of your emotions and putting it into words,have you ever tried that?. Writing down how I feel really works for me and if it doesn't ,then that's totally fine ,there are so many other ways to cool off. When i feel sad because of something love related,I just write poems or love letters but if I'm really angry about something else,I just take a note and fill it with nonsense, basically anything that comes to mind. The thing about writing when you're down is that ,you don't even have to be a pro writer or a smartass or something,you just put in exact words what you feel and just feel yourself let it out with each word. So yes, writing really makes you feel better 😊. Here's a poem i wrote,from the language and tone,you'd know it was as a result of something love related πŸ˜‚. I wrote it when I was thinking about how liking someone is pain an

Let's get to know me...

 So,my name Is Mariana-lourdes(I'm actually just showing off my cute namesπŸ˜‚) Dundas Seriche,but you guys can call me Mariana❤️. I'm a 100 level student student studying sociology,and I live in Abuja sometimes but mainly Calabar,for now...I'm 18 years old,an introvert only because I'm still not given the freedom to go out as I like(yes, welcome to NigeriaπŸ˜‚). I actually talk a lot ,too much sometimes but only when I feel like , sometimes I can be really quiet but that's only if I'm shy, pretending or sick or something πŸ˜‚.I live for sweet things and romance stories,I spend a lot of time on social media (😩).I also take things very personally  most timesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜¬. I like Money,fun, fooddd,writing(sometimes),and arguing with anyone when I feel threatened!.I believe in love too❤️πŸ˜‚.. that's about it for now.. Don't forget to follow please,and also Leave a comment,it would go a long way.