Level up your life with these tips.

Hi guys,it's been a while I posted here but I'm here finally and I'm glad you're reading. I wouldn't exactly call it writer's block but something within that range, lol. Well,I did have an article to post ,on anxiety ,I really thought I would be comfortable posting about anxiety but turns out I'm actually not ready. I hope to share that someday though . Anyway, let's talk about today's topic!!! Leveling up!!! Yes, it's 2021 ,and everyone seems to be woke, you know , trying to get their lives together ,being happy, getting schmoneyyy and all of that but!!!??? How do you really LEVEL UP? What are the things you could do generally that one could call a level up ? I'd like to start by saying ,it's a mindset,and it all starts in your head . If you're not mentally ready or you're still doubting yourself,then you need to take care of that first girlll( or boy,lol) . A "level up" to me means an upgrade ,growth ,switch from where you are physically , mentally, emotionally, financially,spiritually ,etc to a better place. Let's get right into it

  1.   Mental Activation: You can't get anything you don't believe you deserve . That means if you want to level up ,you have to believe you deserve it ,you can do it and you will level up ,yes ! The doubts are going to crawl in but you have to push them aside and focus on what you really want.
  2. Clearly Define your goals: what does a level up mean to you ? It might be totally different from what it means to me.  To achieve what you want ,you have to know what exactly it is you want so that you can work towards that. 
  3. Educate yourself more : baby,you gotta read,yes! I said that ,you have to read . Books make you smarter and open your eyes to things you never knew , hard copies,blogs ,e books ,etc . There are also educative videos on YouTube that help . The key is finding things that are related to what you want. 
  4. Shut out the noise and focus: By noise ,I don't mean actual noise, I mean distractions, discouragement, people who don't believe in you . Stay away from them , they'll make you lose focus, instead ,surround yourself with those that will hype and encourage you , who needs negativity when only positivity makes you grow. 
  5. Build your confidence: this is a tough one ,it's something even I am still working on . It takes time but give yourself grace , please. 
  6. Feel and look good: exercise,take showers ,dress well,smell good ,take care of yourself . Trust me , looking good really contributes to feeling good .
  7. Baby,Find a way to make Money: This is 2021 and there are literally a million ways that you could be making some cool coins. Having money makes you happy and is a big factor in your level up journey soooo, be it investment, business, YouTube, blogging , influencing,etc Find a good way to make or multiply your cash.
  8. Talk less : still learning this but it's really important ,talk less. Learn to be quiet . It will save you a lot of trouble ,trust me.
  9. Less announcements , more work: don't announce to everyone what you're working on before it happens ,take your time ,work towards it,work hard and when it's time , your efforts will speak for you. Work hard and there's nothing that you can't achieve if you do that.
  10.     That's it guys ,those are the few tips I'm applying in my level up journey and I really hope that they can also help you. Remember that nobody is really perfect and even I am still trying to get myself together so take your time , forgive yourself when you make mistakes ,you're human and I love you.
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