Just me and my God

 For most of my life, I thought that prayer had to be done in a particular manner. You know, kneeling down or standing and making really strong physical gestures as though one is in a physical battle with unseen creatures. Don't get me wrong,that is prayer of course. And because almost everyone around me prayed in that manner and I just didn't ,I didn't validate my prayers. I would think to myself , you're doing so badly ,look at others ,kabashing ,and you're doing nothing. That made me feel so far away  from God and at some point I didn't even care about my relationship with him , because in my head ,I always said ,"What's  the need ,I can't even be like  them" but God being who he is "always" finds a way to remind me that no matter how far I feel from him,his presence is "always" welcoming .  There's no reason to cancel and invalidate my prayers with my thoughts or what others think when God has already said that he hears me and knows what is best for me.

Writing in my journal and telling him anything I  want  there ,it's valid prayer. How about praying in my mind when others can't hear ,it's valid too. Kneeling in my little corner and crying to him to restore my peace,that's valid too. Kabashing(for my non Nigerian readers,it means really intense prayers that usually involves a lot of action and sometimes,a lot of times, shouting ๐Ÿ˜‚)  when I can ,that's valid too๐Ÿ˜‚. Crying and just calling on him when words fail me,that's valid too. It's never for others to judge or score or see ,it's for me and my life. It's "my" relationship with my maker. 

Your relationship with God is not in need of validation from anyone asides God .That's it,that's the message ❤️. 

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